Where to look anime arts and wallpapers

Well, today I write how and where to look you are interested in anime drawings and wallpapers. First of all you have to decide whether you’ll go to the arts are looking for a specific anime or just beautiful wallpaper.
I consider both cases.
First. You tired your wallpaper and you’re looking for something new, that will not irritate. Then the first thing that define want to see at this wallpaper. This will beautiful robot machine, a girl, a few girls, something magical, warrior with a sword and so on. Once you understand what you want, search drastically simplified. Then you need to remember what anime you saw what you want from the wallpaper.
This is indeed very difficult, assuming you are not an experienced otaku:).
In another case, you can help only anime directories with the division of genres. there you can easily find anime interest.
Now the choice is made, begin to search.
If you look just beautiful pictures, then you here
http://moe.imouto.org/, if you are looking for wallpapers, then you here
http://konachan.com/. This is the best base drawings. But in finding there is a nuance. All images on both services are sorted by tegs, so when we enter the name or the name of anime character, consisting of few words, then insert between the words mark underscore “_” (eg not Vampire Knight, a Vampire_Knight).
In the second case, in principle all too soon, you do not need to estimate with the choice of anime, because you are looking specifically for a particular anime.
That’s all questions and suggestions to leave comments.
Good luck in your search. 🙂


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